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How it Works: Online Ordering Quote Feature

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Build your very own Personalized Quote for your Event in just minutes!

It's so Easy to plan & budget your event with our NEW Online Ordering Quote Feature. With this feature, you can easily get a total of all your desired products with delivery fees (if applicable) and taxes already included.

And the Best part?

This feature is Completely FREE! WITH NO OBLIGATIONS!

Here's How It Works-

STEP 1: Explore Inventory

Browse our Online Catalog and discover a wide variety of different products we have to offer.

When you come across an item of interest click on the product for prices, details and options.

STEP 2: Start Building your Personalized Quote

Add your Products of Interest to your cart aka quote. With hundreds of products and tons of different options to choose from, it's easy to find the right products for you & your event.

And Don't worry you can always go to your quote later & edit it, if necessary.

STEP 3: Submit your Quote

Once you have added all your items, click "Submit My Quote" there you will be able to see all your products + tax costs and select either store pickup (no charge) or your delivery city charges vary). Your cart then automatically calculates a final total.

NOTE: Once you submit, your request is sent to us for the next step. If you only want a total without planning an official proposal, simply do not submit.

STEP 4: Confirmation & Reservation

After your quote is submitted, one of our event specialists will contact you within 2 business days to verify availability of desired equipment and Confirm your order. As well as, go over any other details necessary to finalize and reserve your order.

Final Step: Enjoy your Rentals

When the date finally arrives for your pre-scheduled delivery (or in-store pickup), the ONLY thing you have left to do now...

Enjoy your Event!

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