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  • What are your Showroom Hours?
    Our Showroom is open 9am- 5 pm Monday- Friday. On Weekends by Appointmnt Only.
  • Where are you Located?
    Our Office/Showroom is at 3065 E Northern Ave Ste B, Kingman, AZ 86409. Next to Grandpas Kitchen
  • What Methods of Payment do you accept?
    We accept Cash, Check or Credit/Debit Cards. Any of the 3 methods can be paid in store. As for through the mail, you would have to send check or money order via mail. You can also Pay over the phone via Credit or Debit Card. If final payment is being made upon delivery, you must have cash or check ready when the delivery men arrive. No Carss accepted upon delivery at this time, must be call in prior. Our delivery men do not have a card reader on hand. Thank you.
  • What if I have a question after business Hours?
    We are available 24/7. You can always get online and use the chat option or over weekends call our number and it will transfer to one of our personal lines. There is also options through Yelp, Google, Facebook & More.
  • How long is the rental Period? Is it only for the day of my event?
    If you are picking up from our store, they can be picked uip the day prior or day of your event and are typically due the following business day. As for deliveries, we can deliver and pick up the same day or, like with store pickups, we can deliver the day prior to your event and pickup the day after at no additional cost (As long as items are kept safe and secure). Here at SWH party rentals, we understand that its alot of work to put on an event. So, theres no need for the added stress of trying to get items delivered, then set up, have your event and tear everything down all in one day.
  • When should I place my order?
    The earlier the better. Especially, if you are putting in a Big Order and/or an Order for a Tent. You want to have your desired producrts reserved so that way you know that they are, in fact, available. We will always accomadate late orders to the very best of our availablity, but all products are subject to availability. With that being said, we can not promise said items will be available at that time.
  • How Can I Gaurantee My Items are Reserved?
    Your order items are not officially reserved until a down payment is made. Until then, Those items are still considered available in our inventory. To ensure those items are reserved, be sure to to do so as early as you can. Once you make a deposit, all items are reserved in our inventory made unavailable to any other potential clients.
  • Can I Make Changes to my Order, Once Deposit Has Been Made and Items Have Been Reserved?"
    Yes. But do Keep in Mind; Many times, It is easier to take items off an order, than it is to add them later down the road. We can not gaurantee item availabilty on items you may request to add. We do ask that you have last changes finalized AT LEAST 3 business days prior to your event date. Changes Including, but not limited to, adding or removing items on order, changing delivery dates/times/location, or adding services last minute such as setup services. Any said changes made in 2 days or less, may result in additional charges. Especially in cases in which delivery truck has already been loaded and schedule has been finalized.
  • What if I don't know my guest count yet?
    We always try to advise our customers to aim higher when guestimating their guest count, ESPECIALLY for Weddings. And we can always alter/ downsize your order, as needed. For example, your wedding or event isnt for another 4 months and you dont have rsvps back yet. The best thing to do then, is to order for the amount of invites you have sent out (maybe with an added 10 or 20 for those possible +1's). That way, if you do end up with a full head count, you will already have reserved all items you need to accomadate. It's better to have more than needed and downsize, than it is to not order enough and items be unavailable. Many times, It is easier to take items of an order than it is to add them.
  • My Event is This Weekend, Can I Still Place an Order?"
    We do Offer "Emergency" and "Last-Minute" Rentals, but are subject to availability. We usually can accomodate most late orders, and do our best to provide whatever we can, if necessary. If requested items are unavailable, we usually can substitute with another item of equal or, at least, similar value to accomodate.
  • When is Final Payment Due?
    Fianl Payment is due by 24 hours before scheduled delivery or Due Upon Delivery, if arranged and agreed upon in advance. Store Pickup payments are due upon pickup, before items are loaded into vehicle.
  • What if I need to Cancel my Reservation?
    Apart from a few exceptions; You can cancel your order up to 48 hours prior to your event, before items are loaded onto truck, without penalty. For Tent Orders and Extremely Large Quantity Orders; You must Cancel by, no later than, 10 business days prior to your event. If you need to cancel after 10 days, you forfeit both your deposit and 50% of the initial order price. Please Note: If you Cancel a Reservation that includes "Specialty Order Items" (where we had to specially purchase the Items for your event); Any & All Specialty items are Non- Refundable, once they have been ordered.
  • Do you Deliver? If so, how far will you deliver to?"
    Yes, we offer delivery (for an additinal charge). Our main coverage areas are all throughout Mohave County (i.e. Kingman, Lake Havasu City, Bullhead City & all in-between).But We do, in fact, cover different areas all throughout the Tri-State Area (California, Arizona & Nevada), as well. Going as far as 180 miles or more, sometimes. We will deliver to just about anywhere you need us to, for an additional charge.
  • How much is it for Delivery? Is pickup included?
    Yes, Pickup is included in the all delivery charges. As for cost, our delivery charges range depending on the delivery location's distance. For Example; All in town deliveries $35.00 Golden Valley $40.00 Hualapai Mountains $60.00 Laughlin & Bullhead City $110.00 Peach Springs $100.00 Lake Havasu City $125.00 Needles $115.00 For exact charges on any other out-of-town delivery, Please feel free to contact us anytime!
  • What are your Delivery Hours of Operation? Do you Deliver on Weekends?
    Yes, We Deliver all 7 days of the week. Our normal Delivery hours are from 8 AM to 6 PM. But will deliver as early as 6:30 AM to 7:30 PM upon request at time of your reservation. Orders any earlier or later will acquire an Additional Fee. With the exception of Tent Installations, in which, our service techs prefer to "Beat the Heat".. Starting as early as 5 or 6 AM, if Possible. So that everythign is Set up at a reasonable time.
  • Is there a Minimum Order Size for Delivery?
    No. We Deliver to ANY and EVERY Event, No Matter How Large or Small. * Same Standard Delivery Fees Apply on ALL Orders
  • How much Space is required for a tent?
    All our tents are staked into the ground to safely secure them. The stakes are set roughly 6 to 10ft away from the tent. Adding up to as much as 20 feet to the overall dimensions of the tent. As a general rule-of-thumb, you should add at least 10-12 feet to each dimension of the tent. For example, a 20’ x 40’ tent may require an area of 30' x 40' up to 32’ x 42’ of available space.
  • How Are Tents Secured? Do You Use Stakes or Water Barrels?
    As of April 2018, we no longer offer water barrels as an included option for staking our tents for most events. (With a few exceptions). We have recently been informed that there is No Proper "Sure-Safe" Way of strapping down water barrels to a Full sized tent to keep safe against harsh winds and other weather conditions. Tents are staked roughly 3 feet into the ground. If it is on asphault, we do patch any & all holes made by driling and driving stakes. If you do, in fact, require water barrels (for any reason) and idemnify/Hold Harmless Southwest Hospitality of any risks or problems due to harsh weather conditions; you CAN add them to your order at an additional fee. Cusomer is Responsible for supplying proper water source that is accesible and within 100 ft maximum distqnce from tents location.
  • What underground utilities do we need to know about before staking tents?
    ALL customers need to be able to provide knowledge of ANY & ALL utility lines (i.e. Electric, phone, water, gas, sprinklers, etc). If you Do Not Know where your utility lines are, you can call AZ-Before-U-Dig for free to have your site properly marked/ blue staked.!! If you are unable to provide the necessary information, we can not install a tent without property owners signed consent of freeing SWH of all LIABILITY & DAMAGES.
  • Can Dance Floors Be Installed For Use at Outdoor Events?
    We are more than happy to accomodate your needs whether indoors or out. We can definately install your dance floor outdoors as long as there is a firm, flat surface with no rocks and/or rough terrain.
  • How long does one propane tank last for the Patio Umbrella Heaters?
    Generally, one 5 gal. tank of propane will last at least 6-8 hours.
  • How many guests fit at a table?
    For 60" Round Tables: Up to 8 Comfortably. Many will say up to 10, but we typically dont recommend more than 8. More than that tends to be over-crowded. For 6' Banquet Tables: 6 guests. Up to 8, if you utilize the ends as well. For 8' Banquet Tables: 8 guests. Up to 10, if you utilize the ends.
  • Do you Offer Tuxedo Rentals?
    Yes. We are Proud Retailers of Jims Formal Wear. Through JFW we have the ability to provide you with a wide selection of various Sleek styles plus thousands of color combinations of vests/ ties. Suit/ Tux designers include Michael Kors, Allure Men, Stephen Geoffery, Laren Raph Lauren, Ike Behar & more...
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