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How to Calculate What Tent Size You Need For Your Event

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Here is a complete guide on how to calculate the size of the tent/canopy you will need:

(Forewarning; This is going to take some math, but don't worry..You Got This!)

  1. Take your guest count. How many guests are you expecting? If ALL guests are going to be seated at 60" Round tables (this is the table we recommend, they look the most elegant & can be arranged in a wide variety if ways), you need a 10x10 area/ 100 square feet per eight guests/table. Example: 60 guests, divided by 8 comes to 7.5 round tables (So, 8 tables is whats needed because you can't sit at half a table, right?). 8 x 100 = 800 square feet. If you're seating them at long tables, you need 80 square feet per eight guests. Example: 80 guests, divided by 8 comes to 10, so actually 13 long tables 10 x 80 = 800 square feet.


  1. Bridal Party Table (IF APPLICABLE). Do you have a bridal partyi? Will they be seated at a traditional Banquet head table? If so, you need Calculate that in. as well. Take the number of people you want sitting at that long table (including the bride and groom!) and divide by four. That's the number of 8' tables you need to form the head table. You need room behind For Access and in front to get the right effect. Allow 10' x 10' per head table. Example: A 10-person bridal party divided by four is three. So, you need 3- 8' banquet tables. This requires 300 square feet.


  1. Buffet/food Tables. Assuming you want 8' Banquet tables for the food as well; You, once again, need to Allow a 10' x 10' area for each table (this also allows room for your guests to line up, if need be). Example: If your party needs two buffet tables, that's 200 extra square feet.


  1. Dance Floor?: Are you having a dance floor? This will also take up Space in your tent. For dance floors you especially need more room than their actual size. since nobody wants to sit one or two feet from the dance floor. SO. If I you were using a 9' x 9' dance floor, I'd give it at least a 12' x 12' area, Which comes to another 144 square feet to the tent.


For this scenario with the round tables;

800 sq ft (60 guests) + 300 sq ft (head table) + 200 sq ft (food tables) + 144 sq ft (small dance floor)= 1, 444 sq ft

So, you'll need 1,600 sq ft which is a 20' x 80' tent or 40' x 40' tent

The number you just calculated is the Bare Minimum square footage you Need. If you get a tent smaller than this, you're going to be banging elbows all night.

Common Sizes

Remember, you can't go below the number you came up with. ALWAYS round up. Here's the square footage of our available tent sizes:

Tent Size Square Footage:

10' x 10'= 100 sq ft

10' x 20'= 200 sq ft

20' x 20'= 400 sq ft

20' x 30'= 600 sq ft

20' x 40'= 800 sq ft

20' x 50'= 1000 sq ft

20' x 60'= 1200 sq ft

20' x 80' or 40' x 40'= 1600 sq ft

So with this information, you should all be pros now, Right?

LAST STEP? Call Southwest Hospitality and Order your Tent Today!!!

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