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Gorgeous Wedding Decor Tips and Ideas (that can also Save you $$)

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

A wedding is one of the biggest events in our lives, and one of the most expensive. There are so many aspects of planning a wedding, but one that's probably the most fun with the most freedom is the decor. But where do you start? Keep reading for some awesome ideas to create your own stunning wedding aesthetic while also saving some dough with these decor tips.

1. Find an already GORGEOUS Location.

After all, the More BEAUTIFUL the scene..The Less NEED there is for Decorating to "Enhance" the space, since your scenery is doing majority of the work. Whether it be outdoors or Indoors, your location being Gorgeous on its own leaves you with so much less work and lowers your cost in Decor items.

This is where Something outdoors, in nature can really be at your advantage. With an Outdoors location, you are you provided with a wide variety of Naturally Gorgeous scenery. There's much Less need for Decor when nature has already done most of it for you. (i.e. White Sandy Beaches, Barns, Mountains, Lakes, Gardens, etc). Plus! Not only will your Needed Decor be minimal, but Cost of location will also be significantly Lower & more than likely won't "Break the Bank".

There are also Hundreds and Hundreds of GORGEOUS Wedding Venues all throughout the Country that also have the AMAZING capability of providing you with an already Stunning backdrop, without the need to "Over-decorate", while still giving you that look and feel you desire. But, keep in mind, the price difference. A good majority of these Wedding Venues tend to cost quite a pretty penny. So, be sure to consider your budget & weigh all your options before making a FINAL decision.

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2. Decide your Theme... & STICK TO IT!!

Sit down and really think about it. Decide on a Style/theme, as well as, what colors you want... and STICK TO IT! You don't want your Final Look to appear Sloppy & Disjointed. The more often you change your mind, the Less Likely it is for you to accomplish That style you so Originally Desired. You HAVE to have direction! and to have direction, you HAVE to have an official decision. So, Really mapping out the details of your colors and Style is VERY Important!1

3. Create A "Color Palette"

When it comes to your Colors, create a "Color Palette". Decide on a your Main "Focus" color, Plus an Accent color (if you choose to include one) and use that as your base for a color Palette. Instead of focusing only on one or two Colors, Create a "Color Palette" to add more depth and richness. You can achieve this by simply adding in different shades of your Focus color(s). Or by adding in Coordinating Colors to your main color. Using different shades of ONE focal color helps give you a larger palette to work with, without having Multiple different colors. When you have more than two or three colors, you risk Creating Harsh Clash that is unappealing to the eye. There are so many different ways of bringing in Rich and/or Bold colors without Clashing, using this Color Palette Technique.

4. When it comes to table settings.. Simplicity is Key!

One mistake commonly made when decorating Weddings is Loud, Overdone reception tables that were intended to look "Glamorous", but instead just become an eye sore. Do NOT OVERCROWD your tables! The more crowded the table the less space available for your guests to do...well, just about anything really. Avoid Loud Patterns or textures when choosing your linens, and also AVOID clashing colors/tones. a Rich, Solid tablecloth with an optional runner gives you a much more appealing base for the table without being hard to look at. Just ALWAYS remember to keep in mind; SIMPLICITY IS KEY! Heck, Let's make it a "Golden Rule" of Wedding Decor.

5. Try Suspending your Florals.

One Tried & True wedding decor necessity, of course, is Flowers. I mean, they are literally EVERYWHERE! From the Brides and Bridesmaid's bouquets and Flower girl's basket of petals, to the Decor of both the Ceremony and the Reception. Weddings and Flowers just go hand in hand. But Flowers don,t have to just be for the ceremony or reception tables. instead of the Traditional Floral Decor uses... Try this New, Unique Decor trend. Add some Flare to your Wedding/Reception, and HANG floral arrangements from the ceiling a few or more feet above the tables. creating a beautiful, whimsical scene above your guests.

6. Avoid Balloons!!

If you, like most, are hoping to achieve an elegant, more expensive look and feel for your Big Day, then this is typically not the way to go. When someone sees balloons, they typically think kid's birthday Party because typically that's where you see balloons (i.e. Birthday parties, Showers and carnivals).... Not your big day! Balloons are a cheaper, easier option, but they also look it. There are PLENTY of inexpensive alternatives for decorating that will work for you without looking "Cheap".

7. Add a Little Sparkle & Shed a Little Light.

Accomplish INSTANT Charm to your Reception Decorations with the use of a little lighting. Whether it be candles or some FUN string lights, this is a Simple & inexpensive decor option that can go a long way. Its easy, fun & will add a touch of a Romantic, Sparkling Glow to your already enchanting evening. But like your table settings and many other decor; Try NOT to go overboard.

8. Don't forget the Centerpieces.

There are several different directions you can go, when it comes to centerpieces. The opportunities are almost ENDLESS! Whether it be a Big, Extravagant Floral arrangement or something as simple as a cute little place card holder. Either way... Fill that Space! Do NOT leave a plain, gaping hole in the center of your tables. Choose a centerpiece that not only fits into your theme and color scheme, but also one that expresses who you are. Personally, I believe in something Stunning, but NOT Gigantic.. Because Something too extravagant and ginormous can be distracting, as well as, take attention off the Bride. Plus it complicates your guests be able to converse at the table without having to maneuver around your centerpiece.

9. Be sure your Wedding Decor reflects You!

What matters MOST in the end, Is that the both you and your Groom are truly Happy with the end result. It has to feel 100% Unapologetically Authentically you, and represent who you both are. Otherwise, there can be regrets later on down the road. This is your day! Pay no mind to anyone's else opinions or negative inputs. You dont want or need to be stressed or questioning your choices due to other comments or questions. And you both deserve to genuinely be excited for your big day!


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