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7 Common Wedding Disasters (& How to Avoid them)

Okay, we have ALL heard those "Over-the-Top" Wedding Disaster stories. Those stories that seem more like a Fabricated Story than any actual truth... But I am here to tell you that these "Disasters" are actually very common and happen on a highly regular basis.

Truth is; Weddings are a ton of work that take a whole lot of planning and preparation. It's not like we wake up on our wedding day and think to ourselves "Hmm, I sure do hope things go horribly wrong today". But with these helpful tips, you can wake up knowing that you're prepared for anything!!

In this article, I will go over 7 different Wedding Disasters that you might come across. As well as, provide you with insightful ways to prepare for, avoid and/or handle these Blunders. For your Big Day, You will want to Prepare as much as you can beforehand by taking the these simple steps towards "Disaster Prevention".

#1. Rain on Your Wedding Day-

Okay So, you have this gorgeous, amazing outdoor ceremony planned to the T, right? And everything is working out Perfect all the way till just hours (if not moments) before you are ready to say your "I Do's". Then, dark clouds begin rolling in and thunder starts clapping abruptly. Oh no, now what?

Well first, Remember that One thing Nobody can control the weather. But What you CAN do is Be Prepared for the possibility of inclement weather. Have an Emergency Backup Plan (a.k.a. PLAN B) ready with Specific people chosen to set everything in motion, if a disaster does arise. One way to accomplish a Plan B Scenario is to talk with your venue and ask them if they offer any sort of backup option that's available indoors, in case of emergency. If not, Consider Reserving a Back up/ Emergency Tent Instead.

Still want an Outdoor Ceremony regardless of a little rain? You can Simply attach some [Transparent] Umbrellas to their chairs for covering during the Ceremony. I do recommend transparent though, this way views are not obstructed due to the umbrellas. Be sure not to forget some umbrellas (or Canopy) for you, your groom and the rest of the bridal party.

And Finally, one more possible option! FORGET Covering everyone up and Basque in the Beauty. I say Just Enjoy the Moment and "get er' done". Besides, the average wedding ceremony is only an estimated 15 to 20 minutes. So why jump through so many hoops to change everything you've had planned for such a short length of time. Unless it is completely pouring, then you most likely have to go to your "Plan B".


In many cultures, rain in your wedding day is actually considered a Blessing, NOT a Curse.

It is actually believed to symbolize fertility.

#2. Vendor Cancels (or doesn't show up)

Maybe your photographer has an emergency or your Caterer's car breaks down. Whatever the case may be; an important vendor is not showing. Well, first things first; Relax and Breathe. Second, turn to your Disaster Prevention Plan.

Upon meeting and hiring your vendors, look for warning signs (Bad reviews, indirect answers, hard to stay in contact with, etc). Another key ingredient? Always make sure you have EVERYTHING in writing. People are much less likely to flake when bound by contract. If possible, talk to your vendor about possible backups in case of emergency if they, for some reason, are unable to fulfill the service. Building a good relationship with your vendors is also always a good idea. They'll be alot more likely to come through or provide an alternate if they like the client.

If push comes to shove and they do not show up on your big day, ask some of the other vendors for help. Ask around if anyone knows someone that can be available to help in a pinch. You can even try jumping on Social Media to get the word out.

#3. Wardrobe Malfunctions

What do you do when all the sudden your dress snags and tears or a strap breaks. Or you spill red wine on yourself. Accidents happen. Just remember to breathe and stay calm. Designate someone, like your "MOH", to be in charge of making sure you have an emergency wedding kit. Make sure to include: safety pins, baby powder, club soda, Qtips, fashion tape, & a mini sewing kit. NO BLEACH PENS!

Download/Print this FREE Wedding Survival Kit for Reference.

Also! To avoid Dresses or Tuxes not fitting for the wedding, be sure to have a Final Fitting scheduled 2 weeks prior to your wedding. This way you can have any possible changes in measurements verified and fixed. Trust me, this one is a VERY COMMON, WELL -KNOWN Fiasco that you do NOT want to happen.

#4. Ruined Wedding Cake

To avoid a cake that is no longer edible after hitting the floor; Lay a thin piece of cloth lightly over the cake during transport. If cake gets dropped luckily it was covered. Then, all you have to do is have the bakers salvage what they can.

Another option is to skip the cake all together. Instead, shoot for something much less high maintenance such as cupcakes. You can also try out a donut wall or a dessert bar.

#5. Lost Ring(s)

Another time where you first need to breathe and remain calm. Then, calmly have whomever lost the ring(s) retrace their steps. Start asking some your bridal party to help in the search. There won't be a need to ask for guests help. Once people start catching on to what's happening people will start volunteering in their own. Eventually you'll have practically your entire wedding party and guest list on the floor looking.

If the rings are, in fact, LOST; Find someone you can briefly borrow one from so the show can go on. Or you could even turn your engagement ring around to use for the ceremony.

You and your groom can figure out actual replacements later.

#6. Inappropriate Toasts

Wedding Receptions tend to be a fun time full of drinking and with that comes belligerently drunk friends and family. Then one of those drunk fools gets the mic and begins their toast. They start going on and on about that time in college when you and a bunch of friends stripped to your scivys get the picture.

A really good way to avoid this embarrassing disaster is to, once again, Be Prepared. Consider talking to your DJ beforehand to have him ready and available to either grab or turn off the mic and take over.

#7. Unexpected Guests

There isn't a whole lot you can do to avoid this one. Except to , obviously, send invites out months prior and be on top of your RSVPs. Buy try and plan for toughly up to 10 possible guests that didn't RSVP or changed their mind. Have 10 extra seats and an extra " over crowd" table. And don't forget about the food. This way if they do show up; You are Prepared.

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