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Portable Cooling

Portable Cooling

The perfect soultion to your event during those hot summer months. Our portable heaters are available for indoor and outdoor uses ideal for Stage Events, Hospitality and Event Tents, and even large workspaces and and warehouses. 

We currently have Two different size Coolers available for rent.

Both Units and their water supply are 100% Portable
Both Lower ambient temperatures an average 20 degrees F.
Both run on 110V and tap water.

16 in Evaporative Cooling Unit:

Air Delivery 9,600 CFM
Speeds 3
Fan Blade Size 16 in
Cooling Capacity 600 sq ft

36 in  Evaporative Cooling Unit:

Air Delivery 2,200 CFM
Speeds 3
Fan Blade Size 36 in
Cooling Capacity 2,500 sq ft

*Please Contact us For Details & Pricing.

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