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Keder Frame Tents
Keder Frame Tents

One of the most versatile tent structures in the market today, the keder frame tent is basically a hybrid between the standard "frame" tent and a "stucture" tent. An innovative design that has the strength and capability of being set up among multiple types of terrain (i.e. asphalt/cement, dirt, grass, etc)

-Currently Available in 40' width x 20' up to 60' in length
- 2 different style Flame Retardant Vinyl Tops ("Gable End" or "Hip-Style") available

*All of our tents are only to be installed and uninstalled by SWH Party Rentals, for everyone's safety.  This means all tent orders will have a delivery/labor service charge, as these orders are ineligible for customers to pickup and return.

*Due to the many different variables involved in renting tents, Please Contact us for details and pricing.

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