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Summer Trends: 5 Looks To Try That We Love

Updated: Jun 4, 2018

Below are 5 Gorgeous color schemes/decor that would look great for any big event. Whether it's a Wedding, a Banquet, A Family Gathering, A Party or anything in-between. Take a look & maybe give some of them a try.

5. Lavender & Plum

What's not to LOVE about this color duo? Elegant, Stunning, Soft with a hint of deep tones. What I love about it is its subtlety & sophistication wrapped up into one. This is definatlry a top look to help inspire a sprin or summer wedding.

4. Serenity & Light Pink or Light Peach

This is a color scheme that has such beautiful vibrant tones with some almost pastel-like tones as well that would Shine under that summer sun. & truly Brighten any Event. These are the perfect colors for anyone planning a summer wedding or event of any kind outdoors. Especially under one of our tents!

3. Navy & Light Blush Pink

Okay, so in the Fall the big color duo that seemed to sweep the event & wedding scene was Navy & Burgundy. Now, don't get me wrong those two colors together are stunning and timeless. But now that its summer i think a lighter twist on that classic duo is in order and what better way to change it up then to add some blush or light pink elements. and especially this first photo we love for its tinge of a rustic decor to it. but any of these three tablescapes is beautiful especially for a banquet or Family event.

2. Peach & Champagne

Yes, the peaches are really working this summer. Peaches, pinks, and nuetrals. The scheme is Simple, Elegant & warm. Like the summer breeze its nice and natural. We love the simplicity and poise that comes with this scheme.

1. Fuchsia, white and Orange

Now, Last but not lease we have the three colors of Fuchsia/ Hot Pink, White with Orange Accents. Best seen in the first two of the three photos. A bright, Fun color scheme that again will brighten anyone's day and really shine in the summer sun. And, as you can see, especially in picture 2, that just because you select such bold colors does not mean it has to be loud and over-the-top. There are so many ways to play with these three colors, the opportunities are endless!!

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