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120" Round Polyester Tablecloth

120" Round Polyester Tablecloth


120" round linens for our round tables

  • 60" table- floor length
  • 30" tall cocktail- puddles OR floor length (when tied with sash)




If we do not have your desired color in the material you want, please select "custom" and add the details. We will verify its availability and once your order is confirmed and reserved, we can purchase necessary linens requested.


*Any specialty purchased linens MUST be paid in full (at rental price), before we will place our oreder to purchase said items.


*Specialty Purchased Linens are non-refundable once order is placed.

  • Care Instructions

    Any & All linens are Washed, Pressed & Ironed before going out.

    When returning, DO NOT WASH ANY LINENS!! If washed and there are stains our laundress will not be able to treat sai stains and customer will be billed for damages. 

    All linens need to be shaken off, free of debris and bagged dry NOT wet.  

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