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Event Spotlight: 2ND & OAK Events Venue Grand Opening

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Last Saturday, July 21, we had the Pleasure of being a part of the Grand Opening of 2ND & OAK... A Brand New Cozy, Charming Wedding & Events Outdoor Venue in Kingman, AZ. The Owners found a Real Gem in this Quaint & Rustic 1915 Home & Garden located in Downtown Kingman. Amenities such as a Wrap-Around-Porch, a Large Pecan Tree, and a Lovely Garden with a Carriage House & a Wonderful Little Gazebo. Blessed with Such a NATURAL & BEAUTIFUL Scenery, leaving you with less to have to decorate. There really isn't a whole lot of Venue options here in Kingman, and even LESS that gives you the option of BEAUTIFUL Outdoors.

This Venue is PERFECT for all you Future Brides!

" Come and Crash a Wedding at 2ND & OAK!"

This Event was Completely open to the Public and EVERYTHING was put together like a Real Wedding for guests to come "CRASH". This included a location dedicated to the ceremony, a reception space, dance floor and DJ, Food & Drinks Catering, Custom Wedding Cake, and even a BRIDE & GROOM!

This Event was Not Only a chance for Visitors to Explore the Venue, but also featured a list of Preferred Vendors for All Guests to have an oppurtunity to meet and, if they desired, talk about and/0r began planning their Future Events.

Now.. 2ND & OAK, Southwest Hospitality Party Rentals and a list of other AMAZINGLY TALENTED Vendors have ALL 'Joined Forces' & Created the PERFECT Event Services Network for Local Weddings & Events.

The Goal? For 2ND & Oak to be your One & Only Stop. Not only are you provided a Venue, but you are given all the resources for a Fully Serviced EVENT!

All Photos Provided and Copy-written by: Imagine Photography


Event Venue: 2ND & Oak

Design and decor: Barb Charon and The Farmhouse in Kingman Arizona

Flowers: All locally grown and harvested Flowers and Arrangements, Larrea Blossoms

Catering (Food): Delicious Fresh-Made Italian Cuisine from Garibaldi's

Catering (Custom Cakes and Desserts): Victoria's Sugar Shack

Catering (Beer and wine): Black Bridge Brewery

Photography: Imagine Photography

Photobooth: UBooth Photobooth

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